Kids are not small adults, they deserve the specialized care of an experienced pediatric medical transport team.


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World Wide Air Medical Transport

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  • Coordinate the air and ground transportation
  • Make arrangements with the receiving facility
  • Communicate directly with family members
  • Contact the patient’s insurance company
  • Update medical teams at both sending and receiving facilities     throughout transport

We are committed to simplifying the medical air transportation process, saving you time and reducing stress on your patients and their families.

From making telephone calls to submitting insurance documents, our team relieves you of time-consuming tasks associated with coordinating air ambulance service, allowing you to focus on your patients. Every day, we arrange air and ground transportation around the world, so we have the experience and expertise to accommodate the needs of any patient including adults. You can always count on us to provide exceptional care and service.

  • Bedside-to-Bedside patient transfers: We arrange every detail of a smooth transition, with two experienced medical team members by your loved one's side the entire trip
  • Domestic and international air ambulance: All aircraft utilized are equipped with the latest medical equipment for the patient’s safety and comfort
  • Ground ambulance: We coordinate ground transportation between facilities and airports, never leaving your loved one's side for a moment
  • Insurance specialists: Our in-house staff handles authorizations, billing and claims
  • Commercial medical escorts: For patients able to fly commercially, our highly-trained medical staff accompany your loved one as they are transported via special arrangements on a commercial jetliner
  • Quick and efficient: You’ve probably heard the saying, “One Call Does It All.”  Well, that is really all you need with Children's Air Ambulance.  Our goal is to take the stress of transferring a patient off your shoulders.  Unlike other companies which take a day or more to set up medical transfers, our goal is to transport  as soon as possible.  Your flight coordinator will communicate all the details to you by whichever means you prefer: phone, fax, email, or text.  We value your time. 
  • Seamless transition: Your Flight Coordinator will take care of everything and manage communications between the parents, receiving and discharging facilities, physicians, case managers, admission personnel, flight teams, and airports.  Furthermore, your coordinator will schedule ground transportation on both ends.  Many case managers are surprised as to how quickly and smoothly arranging an air ambulance or medical escort is with Children's Air Ambulance.  Our customers come away from this experience saying how easy we made it for them. Our processes have been fine tuned and perfected so that the parents or case manager can be assured that everything is in order and the transfer will take place as seamlessly as possible.

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