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You wouldn’t send a 6-year-old to college for their education. Why would you send a child to be transported where the medical team are trained to primarily care for adults? The fact is children are not small adults. There are so many things about children that are different their size, weight, physiology, emotional development, the way their body reacts to medication, the way they experience pain, the language they use to express themselves, the kinds of diseases and injuries they get. 

Kids require medical therapies and treatments that meet their unique needs. At CAAI, everything from the dose of medicine kids get based on their weight rather than age to the equipment used meet the special medical needs of children.  Our medical flight team members come from very diverse backgrounds and experience including emergency departments, PICU and NICU units, fixed-wing and helicopter transport services. All with a minimum of 5 years of experience in their profession with ACLS, NRP and PALS, Advanced training in medical flight physiology and posses the US D.O.T. 40 hr AMCCC certificate.

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  • Provide high-quality comprehensive care
  •  To make the life saving difference for all children
  • Respond to our parents inquiries in a timely manner
  • Collaborate with other health systems and act as an advocate for those in need
  • Always providing a smooth and stress free transport

Children's Air Ambulance International is one of a few leading American Fixed wing Air Ambulance companies who are specialized and committed to pediatric medical transfers only.

Kids are not small adults, they deserve the specialized care of an experienced pediatric medical transport team.